The Mindset “Mask” Against The Coronavirus


The global pandemic is rushing through the world at an alarming rate. We need to protect ourselves, not only our physical bodies – we urgently need to protect our minds.


Keep in mind that the media also operate as a business, capturing widespread attention and at times it can do more harm than good. Imagine the fear it creates and what it does to our minds and spirits. 


What can we do in troubling times like these? 10 Million Americans applied for financial assistance last week and this is just the beginning. Locked in and confined within our homes, we need to get back to basics and create a new standard for ourselves. A standard by which we can push through this crisis and create a new and unified society. South Africans need to, now more than ever, stand together in order to overcome this crisis. 


Here is a quick 5-step action plan to outlive, outsmart and outnegotiate the worldwide fear factor and threatening Coronavirus:


Action Step 1: Stay at home


Adhere to the Government’s new lockdown regulations and only go out to buy food, medicine or other necessities. When returning from trips, be sure to shower or disinfect your hands up to your arms with soap and hot water; and drink enough water and warm beverages to clear your throat to aid in the prevention to obtain the Covid-19 disease.


Action Step 2: Peak state


Get yourself into a peak state of mind. The National Lockdown creates the perfect opportunity for a 30 day goal setting exercise.


How to set goals?


Set your goals in each of these 4 categories:


Personal development goals

I.e. Do a short online course and learn a new skill.

Financial goals.

I.e. How can you  supplement your income this year?

Adventure goals

Despite the lockdown you can do something rewarding and exciting

I.e. Bond with your pets or write a book.

Contribution goals

What do you want to give and/or share?


Action Step 3: Mindset


Stand guard at the door of your mind:

You have the power to decide what information you allow to enter your mind. 

What thoughts are you going to entertain and allow?

Avoid watching the news all day long – all that gossip and noise can get to you.

Instead, think positively and replace fear with power by using affirmations early in the morning:


  • “Every day in every way I get healthier and healthier”
  • “I am a miracle created by God”


Action Step 4: Strategy


Find a strategy that will be really compelling for you and that can drive you to take action during the lockdown and beyond. Find something that will add substantial value to your life and improve it immensely.


Do you want to get your body in great shape and maybe drop a couple of pounds?

Do you want to experience a new and more fulfilled mindset?

Do you want to reignite the passion in your relationship?


Action Step 5: Add value


Focussing on your own problems and circumstances is normal human nature but you will be surprised how the floodgates of prosperity will start opening if you start helping other people. 

Before you know it, your problems will be in the past and you will grow massively in the process. 


Focusing on solving someone else’s problems will give you an edge over more than 90% of people; and the sense of contribution will bring you a feeling of real significance.


I believe there is one thing more contagious than the Coronavirus – that thing is hope.

Remember – ‘hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies’.


My call to action is that we all rally together, caring for one another, showing the same compassion that has defined us as a nation. The moment we truly believe is the moment that we prevail.


Let us all look up to where our strength truly comes from.


Live strong during these Challenging times and no matter what – Keep Moving Forward!


Rudi Rebstein