June 30, 2018
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This event is an integrated solution for a country on fire with change. This cornerstone event is a crash course in taking massive action to change the quality of your life forever.

In 4 hours of the most empowering, educational and entertaining times of your life, you wont just deal with it, you will vanquish anything holding you back from utilizing the force that can instantly change your life.

You will learn not merely how to survive global changes in the economy, environment and political arena, but how to thrive and prosper at a level beyond what you may have thought possible.

Create Your Breakthrough is about waiting no more. Its about seizing the power that is already within you and daring yourself to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been engineered by the environment, society or anyone else for that matter.

At CYB you will:

  • Break through the fears that hold you back;
  • Create momentum in your life to make difficult things become effortless;
  • Develop the physical vitality and energy you need to passionately follow through;
  • Understand and take advantage of recent changes in the economy to secure and build wealth.

I hope you will join me for half a day that will change your life forever; that will help you as you enter through your own crossroads of greatness.

It will be my pleasure to serve you. www.rudirebstein.co.za

Until then live strong, live passionately and start today, start right now creating your own unique breakthrough.

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