The 30 Day Pure Energy Challenge

As the world shuts down in an attempt to curb the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, everybody is engulfed in a state of fear. Whatever the crisis you experience in your life today or tomorrow, there is hope. There is always hope when you put your mind and body behind a challenge.

Allow me to share with you a very powerful resource that could protect your immune system while acting as your feel good, look good and act good tool in these unprecedented times.

Everybody is forever trying new diets, plans and programmes to help them feel and look better. You and I both know that most of the time, those plans land in the dustbin – it ends in total disappointment.

Let’s get real. 

  • A diet is most probably not going to change your physical body the way you want it to. 
  • Seeing a psychologist is not going to miraculously fix you. 
  • Dreaming about riches is not going to let millions land in your bank account.
  • Watching the news 24/7 is not going to protect you against the virus, it will most probably just startle you into a state of fear and helplessness. 

But what is the answer to happiness, wealth and great health during this unnatural time when disaster stares you in the face?

What The Challenge Can Do For You

Let me try and explain it this way.

Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. 

The moment you change your mindset, you can achieve unstoppable success!

For every single goal we want to achieve we can come up with a lot of reasons why we can’t do it, for example: 

“I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, I think it’s not going to work so what’s the point..”  

Looking back in our history, the most successful people that walked the earth wished for more time, more money and more resources as well – but – the lack thereof  did not however stop them from taking action and moving forward, thereby achieving success and  changing the world. The reality is – it all comes down to our own mindset.

There are many factors influencing the mindset of a winner, but to change your mindset you need to focus and cut through the obstacles like a laser beam to achieve your goals.

That’s the real story behind the 30 Day Pure Energy Challenge.

Do you want to move forward?

  • Are you excited to take your career to the next level?
  • How would you like to strengthen your relationship, make it more fulfilling, joyful and exciting?
  • Would you like to grow your finances exponentially and achieve geometric growth in your business?
  • Get your body into great shape, stand in defiance of any illness or disease and become the person that you were really made for!
  • Define your purpose, identify your dream and embrace it, protect it. 

Now Ask yourself What’s Holding You Back

I’ll tell you right now it’s not a lack of resources, like money, time or talent; it’s a lack of resourcefulness.

The Ultimate Resource is Resourcefulness.

Reprogramming your state of mind to focus on decisiveness, gratitude, love and honesty will put you on the winning path and break down all barriers to accomplish “Where Focus goes Energy flows”. What you focus on becomes real and gets all your attention.


Start right now, set your starting date, make that decision!


The 30 Day Pure Energy Challenge is about changing an individual’s mindset over a period of thirty days.

Ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish

Do you want to lose some weight?  

Live a much healthier lifestyle? 

Do you want to produce better financial results in your business or get a decent raise in your company?

Do you want to strengthen your relationship? Or 

Do you want to become more spiritual in your relationship with your Creator?

We all have an area of our life that we desperately need to improve, change or just make better. During the 30 Day Challenge you will not be on your own – when you need any assistance or want to revert information back to us we will be there to guide you on your journey – every step of the way.


  • Your daily Breakfast and Lunch Menu;
  • At least one Skype or WhatsApp call from the team to check your progress;
  • The 5 master rules of healthy eating;
  • Guidelines on vital breathing and lymphasizing;
  • Information on the power of Living water and Live foods;
  • Essential oils to use in your diet;
  • How to achieve alkalinity: “Go Green”;
  • Steps on balancing your body chemistry;
  • How to increase your body’s PH level and WHY;
  • Your daily exercise plan;
  • Access to the first ten books on my master reading list. You can pick a minimum of two to study during your 30 Days;
  • Our morning three step priming exercise;
  • Advice on the structural alignment of your body;
  • Poisons to eliminate in your diet;
  • E-book with the 60 most amazing smoothies you’ve ever had;
  • Free: 5 top fat burners;
  • Bonus addition: Free e-book on goal setting mastery plus the full book toolkit – all worth R500.
  • And much more….


I believe true happiness comes from the progress we make in our lives. Progress mostly shows up in the form of growth and a sense of contribution. It is my conviction that the secret to Living is Giving.

Small business owners all over the world are in a fight for their lives, the last thing they want to hear is a pep talk from someone else. 

What they need now is:

How To – Guidance. Someone once said: “In a crisis every action and decision shapes our destiny.”

As a business owner the decisions you make now, in the midst of the biggest economic crisis and challenge since the big depression of the 1930’s, will determine your fate.

We have to decide if we are going to hide under the bed until this crisis is over or if we are going to come out, guns blazing, and tackle the problems head on?

Here are a few points that came out during my extensive research about this time of uncertainty and how to not just survive it but let your business thrive in it.

Ready For Change?

I hope you are ready for change and excitement in your life and to truly take your life to the next level: mentally, emotionally, physically as well as financially!

The 30 Day Pure Energy Challenge is a profound and powerful tool for self awareness which will create a source of strength and insight for you.

Do stay in touch with me – I hope our paths will cross soon at a live event or chance meeting. 

I believe the 30 Day Challenge will be a turning point in your life and the start of a growing consciousness that success lies within – waiting for you to unlock and unleash it.


Until then Live Strong and as Always Keep Moving Forward.


Rudi Rebstein