Hi my friend, I trust you are well into your first 30 days with me? How is the alkaline water treating you? Let me know after 30 days.
Here are 5 fantastic ways to boost your energy and keep you in a peak state:
The source of all energy in your body can be provided through deep breathing. Cells use oxygen to convert glucose into the energy called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Without sufficient oxygen cells begin to die and energy cannot be sufficiently produced. A nice breathing technique I want to give you, is a technique that involves stimulating the meridians in the fingertips by touching your thumb to a fingertip on each breath.  The secret is to top your thumb to finger, starting on your left index finger, then on each finger across to your little finger (each time when breathing in) and then repeating on your right hand on breathing out. This exercise is excellent for increasing your energy.
People often use meditation as a means to relax, which in turn helps fight fatigue.  One technique is to find a quilt and sit down comfortably. Relax my friend, close your eyes and focus on a neutral word or number like “one”.  When distracting thoughts intrude, bring yourself back to the neutral word.
Some of us are at our best in the morning. Others peak at night. “If you get up and need 3 to 4 cups of coffee to get going, you’re probably not a morning person.” This statement was made by Charles Kunzleman, Author of the bestseller: Maximizing your energy & personal productivity.
Determine your prime time and save critical tasks for your high energy periods. For example if you’re a lark, schedule a job interview in the morning rather than in the afternoon, when your energy ebbs.
Light suppresses the body’s production of Melatonin, the hormone that helps the body clock. Without enough morning light, especially during winter months, some people suffer seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that can contribute to fatigue.
Emotion is created by motion – use your body to put you into a peak emotional state. There are two important things to do to change your life: change what you focus on; and change your physiology (your body).
When you slouch, you shift your weight away from the middle of your body, forcing you to spend more energy than necessary to maintain your balance. Remember, the heaviest object we carry around is our own body. As long as we keep it centered over our base of support, we’ll be less fatigued.
A simple way to stay in balance: Keep your head over your pelvis; ears over your shoulders; and the small of your back forward.
Remember my challenge runs for 30 days – water and the 5 powerful ways above, so get drinking the Evian and live in these 5 daily.