Finally! Lose Weight & Restore Vitality

Without taking any harmful pills, going on crazy diets or trying to change your lifestyle!

You can live a life filled with joy and maintain incredible health with easy to follow steps for lasting results…

The 30 Day pure Energy Challenge - Rudi Rebstein

This Program Will Reveal To You…

Weight Loss

How to finally lose weight the right way! without taking pills that disrupt your body’s natural rhythm. With easy and sustainable exercises you can start living and feeling good again

Mindset & Emotions

Mindset is the biggest factor & surprisingly no programs address this! This challenge reveals to you how you can easily apply small changes to your thinking and align small little habits that serve your needs

Peak State Of Mind

Quickly get into a state of focus and control of your daily life! You can easily apply these tested strategies compiled over years of peak performance coaching & results training

The 30-Day Pure Energy Challenge™ is For You If…

  • You’ve followed years of bad advice and numerous diets but have not seen any results. With this program, we will show you how you can increase natural weight loss and enhance your metabolism.
  • You struggle to maintain focus during the day and can’t seem to understand why you are not getting anything done. Don’t worry, this program reveals how simple little changes cause massive changes in your focus and productivity.
  • You’ve found yourself feeling down or depressed time and time again – falling back into old habits and thought patterns. Mindset matters and we reveal years of targeted peak performance coaching that has helped thousands of people create the life they deserve.
  • You’re ready to create lasting change in your life and feel tired of missing out on opportunities. The 30-Day Pure Energy Challenge™ is designed to provide you with everything you need to live the fulfilling life you deserve.

Why Rudi Rebstein?

  • Rudi Rebstein is one of SA’s foremost authorities in human re-engineering,  peak performance coaching and leadership psychology.
  • Rudi has conducted and hosted seminars and events worldwide for the last 30 years.
  • Coaching and advising individuals and large corporations in the UK, Australia and The United States, 
  • Helping thousands of people globally to create lasting change and fulfillment in their lives.

See How People’s Lives Have Been Changed!

May 2020 Reviews Petru Smit Pretoria & Shirley Crampton Scotland


  • 4 Weekly programs with core foundations for lasting health and vitality.
  •  Daily delicious meal plans for maximum nourishment and weightloss.
  •  Easy home exercises designed for targeted results and easy progress.
  •  Aerobic exercises selected for optimal circulation, toxin flushing and bone strength.
  •  Decades of peak performance coaching and strategies designed for mind and emotion retransformation.
  •  Support and coaching with live calls to assist you with creating The Life You Deserve©

Plus These Bonuses… FREE! (R1100 Value)

Bonus #1 – Smoothie Recipe Book (R300 Value)

60 Healthiest, Quick and Yummy Smoothie Recipe Book Including Bonus: 5 Fat Burning Smoothies

Healthiest and incredibly delicious smoothie recipes and secrets for maximum nourishment and weight loss on the go or at home.

  • Top 60 Healthy, quick and yummy smoothy recipes for maximum nourishment and weight loss.
  • The top 5 Fat burning smoothie recipes included for natural assistance with cellulite removal.
  • 9 Secret weight loss and metabolism boosters.

Bonus #2 – Smoothie Bowl Recipe Book (R300 Value)

Imagine sitting comfy on the couch enjoying a delicious bowl with your favourite toppings, nuts and fruits and not having to feel guilty…

Smoothie Bowls are highly nutritious and have lots of goodness jam-packed into a bowl – almost like eating your favourite dessert. This recipe book contains all the healthiest bowl recipes:

  • Top recipes and ingredients with everything from weight loss bowls to breakfast bowls.
  • Top superfoods you should include for healthy living and sustained energy during even the longest & busiest days.
  • Best protein to use in bowls and the healthiest and most scrumptious toppings.

Bonus #3 – Goal Setting Mastery Toolkit (R500 Value)

The 30-Day Pure Energy Challenge™ is built on a foundation of mindset change and as part of our passion for changing lives we include this easy to follow, complete goalsetting guide to start raising your standards and living the life you deserve!

  • FREE book: Goal Setting Mastery by Rudi Rebstein!
  • Daily and monthly review sheets

  • Workbook with guided steps, templates and exercises for unravelling your true destiny
Goal Setting Mastery - How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Book

A Recap Of Everything You Will Receive…

 Weekly programs with core foundations for lasting health and vitality.

 Daily delicious meal plans for maximum nourishment and weight loss.

 Easy home exercises designed for targeted results and progress.

 Aerobic exercises selected for optimal circulation, toxin flushing and bone strength.

 Decades of peak performance coaching strategies designed for mind and emotion retransformation.

 Support and coaching with live calls to assist you with creating The Life You Deserve©


Plus Get R1100 In  FREE Bonuses!

✔  Bonus #1 – Smoothie Recipe Book (R300) The ultimate collection of smoothies for healthy living

✔  Bonus #2 – Smoothie Bowl Recipe Book (R300) Healthiest and most delicious smoothie bowls for maximum nourishment 

✔  Bonus #3 – Goal Setting Mastery (R500) The edge you need when setting goals and reaching dreams


Here’s The Real Question…

Will you look back 5 years from now, still stuck in the same state of mind and body… Regretting the choices you made and all the opportunity for change lost?

If there is one thing I have learned in this life and in all the 30 years of coaching and changing people’s lives just like yours – it’s that our destinies are truly shaped in our very moments of decision.

 Right Now! you have a choice to start over and get The Life You Deserve© – whatever your choice we would love the opportunity to schedule your call and help you along your way to a better life!

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The 30 Day pure Energy Challenge - Rudi Rebstein

Last Chance To Get R1100 In  Free Bonuses!

✔  Bonus #1 – Smoothie Recipe Book (R300)

✔  Bonus #2 – Smoothie Bowl Recipe Book (R300)

✔  Bonus #3 – Goal Setting Mastery (R500)

Have Any Questions?

Read some of the most frequently asked questions below:

I want to lose more weight, can I continue after the 30 days?

The best part about this challenge is that it equips you with the minddset, knowhow and strategies to continue losing weight long after you completed the challenge and with all the extra recipes and tips you will live a happier and healthier lifestyle even after the 30 days.

How can cutting sugar from my diet help?

Sugar is bad for health and especially compounded over the long term. Cutting Sugar from your diet is the best thing for you as it will increase fat burning and sustainable weight management, reduce risk for heart disease, increased energy, enhanced mood, clarity and focus and reduces inflammation. You might experience sugar withdrawals at first but after a couple of days you will begin to notice improvements in many areas of you live 

But won't I just regain the weight after the 30 days ?

Most programs offer a magical quick fix solution to losing weight. The 30 Day Pure Energy Challenge™ is about so much more than the mainstream gurus out there. You will learn the basic principles and will undergo a mind and body transformation that changes in your very way of thinking and your standards. Boiling down to the best strategies that has helped thousands of people in Rudi’s 30 years of life coaching experience.

Do I need an expensive blender for making smoothies and smoothie bowls ?

A high quality blender is always a good investment but by no means do you have to buy the very best. These days you can buy a high quality blender just about anywhere and it will do the job. Just make sure it has a good motor.

What is priming ?

So, what does priming mean? We bet you’ve experienced this phenomenon yourself.
Think about an instance when you were angry or frustrated – did you then overreact to
a small problem? Or a moment when you were totally in love, and then felt that nothing
could go wrong – that was because you were primed by the feeling of love. The bottom
line? Our thoughts, feelings and emotions can be primed by factors we’re not even
aware of, which greatly impacts our performance in other aspects of our lives.

What are affirmations in the challenge ?

Affirmations are strong and magical words repeated often, in order
to shape and guide your subconcious until it starts forming part of
your belief system

Can I drink alcohol during the challenge ?

We highly suggest that you refrain from alcohol consumption during the challenge as it has many averse side effects that are counter intuative to the strategies, programs and the 30 day transformation. 

Is rebounding good for weight loss ?

Rebounding kickstarts the metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system and improves your heart health and thus contributes to all the steps in this challenge to assit you in losing weight in a fun and natural way.

What is the Goal Setting Mastery Toolkit ?

The Goal Setting Mastery toolkit is a jam-packed guide on how goal setting works and provides you with the strategies needed for setting and developing plans that lead to fulfillment.