Thrive During Uncertainty

Small business owners all over the world are in a fight for their lives, the last thing they want to hear is a pep talk from someone else. 

What they need now is:

How To – Guidance. Someone once said: “In a crisis every action and decision shapes our destiny.”

As a business owner the decisions you make now, in the midst of the biggest economic crisis and challenge since the big depression of the 1930’s, will determine your fate.

We have to decide if we are going to hide under the bed until this crisis is over or if we are going to come out, guns blazing, and tackle the problems head on?

Here are a few points that came out during my extensive research about this time of uncertainty and how to not just survive it but let your business thrive in it.

1. We all have Free Will. When we decide we can do Anything?

Whether we will be prisoners of our past, captives of our circumstances, dwelling on past failures or asking questions like: “Why is this happening to ME?”, we might instead want to become captains of our own destinies, rather asking: ”What do I want to get out of this?”

Every crisis is an opportunity to create, to give, to excel, and to turn failure into success!

Remember to not limit your choices by focusing on things you cannot control; but focus instead on what we can create during these challenging times. That which we focus on, becomes more, and if we send our focus there, the energy will follow the focus.

2. New Rules in a New Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Its possibly the worst crisis humanity has faced since World War II. The sudden and massive disruption to our economy and society has accelerated a series of shifts that were already underway and is shining a bright light on what was not working. Now is a good time to embrace change and to shape our destinies.

Every problem has a beginning and an end, and this Winter is the opportunity to explore new avenues that you’ve not tried before.


The question to ask now is: “Where Can My Business Add Value immediately; What Do Our Customers and Employees Need Right Now?” Identify that needs and satisfy it quickly through communication and acting. The way to satisfy it is to talk to your customers, talk to your employees; and find out what will turn their world around.

Add more value to their lives than anyone else has ever done or will ever do and your business will grow exponentially like you have never seen before.

3. Leadership is the Anchor for your Business

As I have said so many times before, the biggest problem in any organization of value is the Leader, the Leader is the biggest asset or liability. The mindset of the leader will take the business into the Fortune 500 or into the insolvency court.


During this crisis, what your business needs is renewed and empowered Leadership.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, that does not create any millionaire success story. Further, stop telling yourself a bullshit story about lack of resources, government interference or any disempowering story. Divorce your bullshit story and marry the truth. The truth of course is the fact that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, you can create anything. Every day in every way tell yourself “I will not settle, I will Never Settle for Less than I can Be, Give or Create in my Life”. And stick to your conviction.

4. Re-design Your Future and Set a New Standard

We are basically going through a three-tier experience in these uncertain times, this is how I see it unfolding:


The first stage was the initial shock of the Corona virus and Covid – 19 when the news broke from Wuhan, China. Then, following that shock, was the subsequent Lockdown where we are currently being held in our virtual Alcatraz. This is where movement, activities, business, social interaction were all restricted and certain activities shut down indefinitely. The latter could stay with us for another 3 to 6 months.


The second stage is the provisional or interim period. This entails the period for 6 to 18 months where most people will return to work and most businesses will reopen. One caveat is that the operating models of most businesses need to change and or be adjusted, to slow or stop the spread of the virus? Challenges here are the amount of people within a confined space like for instance in factories; or people wanting to work out in the gym.


The third tier here might sound strange but try to keep it in context. The third leg of the journey is the new world that we will have created due to the first two stages above. I believe companies and individuals who can develop and create a new set of standards – clever minds might call it Best Practices during this interim time – will become market leaders and create enormous value to the marketplace.

5. Build Bridges, Connect with Others

The Corona – virus pandemic has sparked huge changes in everything we know from small business operations, to conglomerate supply chain management, to basically how we define everything in our lives.

There is no precedent for this, we are creating a new dynamic every day.


Our connection with others – reaching out, building bridges for friendship; business; and any other sectors with resources, opportunities and ideas to take us from where we are currently to where we want to end up, will get us through these phases much easier and more successfully.


Yes, it is extremely difficult and hard but as Nobel prize winner Albert Camus once said: “In the depth of Winter I finally learned that there was in Me an invincible Summer”

Winter does not last forever. Spring always follows. We will spring back to normal life, like we always do, like we have done for centuries.

So Live Strong & Live With Faith

God Bless

Rudi Rebstein