Is this the Best of Times, or is this the Worst of Times?

“Is this the Age of Wisdom or the Age of Foolishness? Are we in South Africa now in the Season of Light or the Season of Darkness? Volatility is the new Stable. Extreme is the new normal. Crazy is the new Reasonable. Either nothing makes sense. Or it all makes a whole new kind of sense. We are either surrounded by sheer insanity, or we are confronted by spectacular opportunity.


What do you think? Will the price of fuel explode through the R17 per liter barrier? Will I lose my farm to the Government without any compensation? Will that crazy sonofabitch Rocketman blow up the whole world? Will disruption damage my career?


We live in very uncertain and extremely challenging times. In a time where up to 62 percent of South Africans believe that they are worse of now than in the past and extremely concerned about the future of their children.


ON ANY given day this year, I thought the sky would fall in. It all seemed so impossible then again on other days, I knew without a doubt that our Heavenly Father was with me!
I knew exactly what to do, say and think.


Every hour brought a new reason to celebrate or curse my circumstances.



That’s how I feel.That’s not how I act. I act as though I’m about to create and achieve a massive Breakthrough. I act as I am about to get exactly what I want. I act like I expect to win, even when I lose.


Here is my #1 Reason Why:


We can’t always choose the way we Feel. But we can Always choose the way we Act. I choose to act like we are in the Spring of Hope and not in the Winter of Despair. I have made up my mind, I tell myself a powerful story that enables me to act like a Leader, a Strategist, a Powerful force for Good, one who chooses to create rather than destroy.


I have made up my mind that I’ll be an agent of other people’s Success. I will do whatever it takes to help them succeed and win.  Action creates feelings, not the other way around. If you’re waiting for the right feeling, then you are at the mercy of the environment. And let’s get real, the current environment will show you No Mercy.
Success in life will come if you follow and practice this rule : If you want to achieve your goals, you need to inspire others to achieve their goals. 




1. Make up your mind to be great at one thing that is valuable to others. In my case it’s inspiring people into successful actions, I push, people out of their comfort zones, I persuade, innovate, strategize, to get the individual to win and the company to succeed.


2.Make up your mind that the future is getting better all the time.  If you are pessimistic about the future, your problems will become self fulfilling, but if you are excited about tomorrow, you’ll pull the Future towards You.


3. Make up your mind to hold yourself to a higher standard. If you want to change your life forever, what I’m talking about is turning your I should’s into I must ideas.


“If I can’t, I Must, If I Must, I Can”


Become the reason why people believe in the goodness of others.
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Until then Live Strong
And Keep the Momentum Going
Rudi Rebstein
Peak Performance Strategist
Professional Speaker